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As you are getting ready to choose a new Volkswagen car, wagon, or SUV, you may be struggling with the decision to buy or lease it. You are not alone.  Several Pittsburgh, PA drivers come to our dealership with the same dilemma.  There are many benefits to both options and, with all the conflicting information out there about both choices, it can be hard to know if you are making the right decision.  Since purchasing or leasing a vehicle is one of the most important decisions drivers will make in their financial life, it is important they have all the facts before they decide. The finance team at Volkswagen of Moon Township, located at 5252 University Boulevard in Moon Township, PA, is here to give you all the information you need as you consider your options. If you are still deciding which vehicle you would like to pursue, please feel free to browse through our new Volkswagen inventory.

The Advantages of Leasing Your New Volkswagen Model

Leasing has certainly picked up in popularity over the last several years. There are a lot of reasons to love for many drivers to love a Volkswagen lease, yet there is still a lot of misinformation about this auto financing option. Essentially, a car lease is an auto financing option that allows drivers to have a new Volkswagen for a predetermined period of time, mileage limit, and payment. People who enter a lease agreement are only paying for the time they have the vehicle in their possession. When the lease period ends, a customer can choose to purchase their Volkswagen for the amount leftover after their lease payments (called the residual value), lease a new Volkswagen, or buy a vehicle.

Leasing Benefits

  • May provide lower monthly payments than financing, over a similar term, while driving the latest models
  • Ability to turn-in your vehicle for a newer VW model, or buy your vehicle at a predetermined price at lease maturity
  • Drive 15,000 miles or fewer a year
  • Like the idea of having access to the latest technology and features
  • Have no interest in customizing or personalizing their vehicles

There are many benefits to leasing your new Volkswagen car. The first benefit is that you can get a lower monthly payment than you could if you did a traditional auto loan for the same vehicle. You also get protection under the manufacturer's warranty while the Volkswagen is yours. You also have a limited commitment to the vehicle, so if your life changes, or you want something different, you will be able to do so in a short period of time without having to worry about the negative equity associated with trading in a vehicle in too early.

The Advantages of Buying a New Volkswagen

Many customers still like to go with a traditional auto loan when they finance their new Volkswagen car, wagon, or SUV.There are still several advantages to purchasing your Volkswagen and it is still an option that fits many lifestyles and budgets. One of the things that folks love about purchasing their new Volkswagen car is that they are setting themselves up to have equity in their vehicle when they have paid off their car loan. Drivers will be able to use that equity toward a new car, or even pocket the money after they sell it. People who choose to purchase their Volkswagen will also be able to take advantage of all the customizing possibilities that are available. This means that they can truly make their car their own.

Financing Benefits

  • Ability to own for life of the vehicle and build equity
  • No end-of-lease obligations, such as excess wear and tear
  • No vehicle customization limits or mileage restrictions
  • Competitive rates and flexible terms from Volkswagen Credit

Unlike drivers who lease, drivers who choose to purchase their Volkswagen will not need to be concerned about mileage restrictions or damage fees. The freedom of a purchase is an option that appeals to many customers. Some of them view it as worth the higher monthly payment they have to make. If you're someone who doesn't have the time to car shop often, or doesn't like the process, a purchase ensures that you will only have to get a new vehicle when you decided it is time.

Figure Out Which Choice Works for You

Volkswagen of Moon Township, in Moon Township, PA, knows that the choice between buying and leasing is a big one.  Take advantage of our payment tools to see what the differences between buying and leasing the Volkswagen model you are interested in.  You can also contact one of our finance experts today about one of our Volkwagen financing specials, or complete our online credit application, and discover which current promotions apply to you.

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